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The HYDRA CUBUS EV charger is designed specifically for the UK market for HOME and COMMERCIAL charging requirements with compact, modern, and full function design. The CUBUS fulfils all the charging requirements you could ever need in a compact and modern design which neatly hides it powerful and future-proof specification.


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Hydra Home App

You can manage and monitor your Hydra Zodiac EV charge point with our new Hydra Home App. Easy to set up and intuitive to use, you can schedule charging to take advantage of cheaper rate tariffs and keep a record of all charging sessions or just set it up as ‘Plug & Charge’. Available for IOS and Android.

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The UK was the first major economy to commit to achieving Zero Net Carbon Emissions by 2050. That means the amount of carbon emitted will be no more than the amount removed from the atmosphere. Transitioning the UK’s private and commercial transport fleet to electric will play a large part in this mission. [Click for more details]


With continued advancements in EV charging technology we would like to introduce you to the Apollo by Hydra EVC. 

Our new range of electric vehicle chargers are now available offering faster returns on investment from advertising streams.  Engage thousands of shoppers at retail and essential commercial locations. 

The Apollo comes to the advertising industry at a time where the emerging EV market has started gaining traction allowing the monetisation of unused advertising space where a public charging point may be installed.