Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers

ECHO Commercial EV Charger

  • Wall or Pedestal Mounted
  • Aluminium alloy construction
  • 7kW or 22kW output
  • Single 240v or Three Phase 400v
  • Type 2 charging socket
  • Tethered (4.8m cable) or socket only
  • Connectivity: Ethernet/WIFI/GSM
  • Secured With OCPP 1.6J
  • IP54 Weatherproofing

H – 375mm

W – 260mm

D – 104mm

Price (+VAT)


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ECHO Commercial EV Charger

Workplace charging…

The Hydra Echo EV Charger comes at a time of a huge boom in EV sales and wider use. We have designed the Hydra Echo to be durable, easy to use and with a streamlined installation process for use in any commercial environment such as office or industrial workshop or distribution hub car park.

The Echo has a built in card-reader which allows access to the charger and its functions and a digital screen for monitoring progress of the vehicle charge status.

Available in either 7kW and 22kW charge power versions, the 7KW can operate from any 240v single-phase AC electrical supply, similar to that used in residential properties and smaller shops and offices. The 22kW offers faster charging for electric vehicles which can accommodate a higher level of AC charge input and can be connected to any three-phase 400v AC supply similar to that which can be found in larger industrial premises and office blocks.

Suitable for charging cars, vans, HGVs and other transport vehicles the ECHO offers a very versatile, low cost installation for commercial premises.

With an eye on safety the Echo has built-in safety functions which can shut down the charger if it detects certain characteristics such as input under voltage, input overvoltage, output short-circuit, output overvoltage, output overcurrent, battery reverse connection, insulation detection, communication failure, etc. Additionally there is a failsafe emergency stop button fitted to all Hydra EV chargers which can be manually operated in the event of a failure.

The Hydra Echo EV Charger can be used as a single chargepoint or as a part of an organisation’s entire EV fleet ecosystem where charging facilities are required across multiple sites.

The Echo charger can be paired with our unique Hydra Cloud facility offering complete EV charging network management and real-time monitoring of charging usage and peak demand across the whole network.

EV charger security and safety

RFID card control

Access to charging functions can be controlled by the used of a contactless RFID card. This can also be used to monitor individual usage and total charge time via our Hydra Cloud EV charging network facility.

OCPP Compliant

Secure data communications with Hydra Cloud and other charging control apps are OCPP1.6J compliant. This is the industry standard.

Emergency stop button

The emergency stop button (where fitted) shuts off all charging operations when manually activated.

PEN protection

Built in PEN protection removes the requirement for a separate earthing rod by detecting loss of the Protective Earth and Neutral (PEN) conductor and shutting down charging functions.

Over/under voltage protection

Limits charging functions when the input power from the grid becomes unstable and delivers an under or over voltage supply.

Over current protection

This protects the EV charging cables and other internal components of the EV charger from power overload and short-circuits.

Over temperature protection

Continuous temperature monitoring of the charging device and charging cables protects the entire charging system from overheating.

Phase Monitoring

This monitors and detects when one or more phases of a three-phase electrical system is lost or becomes unstable and shuts of charging functions.

Leakage protection

Shuts off all charging functions and output from the EV charger when a power leak is detected.

Battery reverse connection

Detects and shuts off all charging functions from the EV charger when it detects the battery in an electric vehicle has reverse polarity.

Insulation detection

Shuts off all charging functions when it detects insulation of the charging device, charge gun or charging cable may be  compromised.

Communication failure

Monitors and maintains continuous communications between the charger and the electric vehicle. When this communication fails, all charging functions are suspended.


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Hydra EVC offers a range of EV charging products suitable for all residential properties. This includes owner/occupier homes and flats/apartments with communal car parking. We also have dedicated solutions for private Landlords and housing associations.



Whether you need workplace charging, fleet charging or customer charging facilities, our commercial EV chargers are suitable for a wide range of installations. From a car park serving a small office to a large distribution hub we can install a networked solution to suit your requirements.



Providing EV chargers for public use is already seen as a requirement for many consumers. Offering free or paid-for EV charging facilities to your customers can be achieved with our wide range of EV chargers. All monitored and maintained via our Hydra Cloud facility.

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