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Hydra PENSIO – The solution to EV charging contactless payment

As of recently the regulations have changed for electric vehicle charging. James Court, CEO of Electric Vehicle Association England, said: “Better reliability, clearer pricing, easier payments, plus the potentially game-changing opportunities of open data are all a major step forward for EV drivers and should make the UK one of the best places to charge in the world.” From late 2023 all rapid charging stations must accept contactless bank cards. This method eliminates the need for additional cards or apps, making it incredibly user-friendly for both occasional and regular EV drivers.

The conventional payment method for charging involves scanning a QR code leading to a virtual payment terminal for credit or debit card payments. However, this might pose issues for users without smartphones or in areas with poor signal. Managing multiple apps and websites for EV charging payment can be tedious and overwhelming – a thing of the past.

Hydra EVC has partnered with CPI to simplify this process, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience. Introducing the Hydra Pensio, a neat contactless payment terminal that accepts a range of payment methods such as debit and credit cards, or virtual wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay). This versatile solution presents users with the freedom to pay physically or virtually, expanding your visitor base and ensuring consistent revenue from public charge points

The PENSIO Contactless solution offers an attractive unit with a high-resolution colour touchscreen to engage your consumers. The screen features Gorilla Glass, which safeguards the device from vandalism. The unit includes a Magnetic strip, NFC Contactless as well as Chip and PIN. It is also Contact: EMV L1 and L2 Certified, Contactless: EMV L1 and L2 Certified and Contactless MiFare: Classic, DesFire, Visa qVSDC, MasterCard, Paypass, SamsungPay, ApplePay, GooglePay.

Managing your charge points is simplified through Hydra’s Nexus online platform. Hydra Nexus offers a comprehensive suite of charging solutions tailored for private, commercial, public, and fleet charging needs. With customisable tariffs, flexible fee structures, and remote monitoring via a cloud-based platform, managing your entire charging network becomes efficient and transparent.

Implementing hierarchy access accounts and dynamic load balancing ensures controlled access and optimal power utilisation. Additionally, the Plug’n’Charge feature simplifies user experience, while smart reporting facilitates informed decision-making. With smart maintenance, fleet management, and RFID card integration, Hydra Nexus streamlines operations and offers unparalleled efficiency in charging network management. Our aim is to streamline the EV charging experience for both operators and users.

Hydra NEXUS, paired with PENSIO, seamlessly integrates into your charge point, requiring only installation and commissioning by one of our approved partners. While PENSIO incurs additional fees beyond the standard Hydra NEXUS account, these cover its commissioning and maintenance. The payment terminal service fee stands at £15 per terminal per month, coupled with a 7.5% transaction fee. However, these costs can be easily recuperated by factoring them into the £/kWh fee charged to your customers. Making you profit in no time!

At Hydra we specialise in smart charging solutions and offer expert guidance throughout the setup process. Our experienced team provides insights on tariff settings, ensuring you maximise revenue from your charge points. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

In conclusion Contactless Payments for electric vehicle charging is the way of the future and will make the whole session quicker and more user friendly. The Hydra PENSIO is a great option for those who want to implement a contactless payment system into pre-existing commercial charge stations. Hydra NEXUS makes managing your charge points a breeze, giving you the power to control tariffs, flexible fee structure, remote monitoring – the list goes on.

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