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What you will find in the FREE EV Bible:

We have created this FREE consumer guide for anyone new to the world of Electric Vehicles and those thinking of buying an Electric Vehicle.

From 2030 there will be no new petrol or diesel vehicles for sale, you will be able to buy a hybrid car – which runs on electric and petrol – until 2035, but after that you will only be able to buy 100% pure electric vehicles.

The EV Bible will hopefully give you all the information you need to prepare for that and also dispel some myths which might make you worried about the switch.

  • EV History and Developments
    The first Electric Vehicles were built over 120years ago and at the start of the 20th Century there was a whole fleet of Electric Taxis in New York, USA. So what happened?
  • 2030 and beyond
    What the 2030 deadline means for new cars and the transport sector in general.
  • Fake News
    There are so many negative stories about electric cars that it’s difficult to know who to trust. Most of it is pure fake news made up by people who have no experience of EVs.
  • Living with an EV every day
    Could you switch to an EV? It might require a change in your driving behaviours and habits but it is easy enough once you look at it objectively. There are plenty of people who manage quite happily just using public chargers.
  • Charging at home
    Obviously it is easier for you if you can recharge your EV at home but it is not mandatory. We look at some things to consider.
  • Charging points, apps, plugs and leads
    All the the talk of charging leads, plug types and mobile phone apps might sound confusing but it is very straight forward.
  • Workplace and Commercial Charging
    For some people recharging their car while parked up at work might be the only option.
  • Commercial EVs and Company Cars
    It is not just cars which are switching to electric, vans, trucks and lorries are switching too.
  • Towing with an EV
    Can you tow a trailer or caravan with an EV? Yes – But there are limitations with some cars.
  • Driving an EV abroad
    What about if you want to drive through France to go on holiday? You may be surprised how far ahead of the UK some other countries are with EV chargepoints.
  • Converting older cars to electric
    You don’t have to buy a new EV, there are plento of older cars on the roads which can be converted to electric power, and there’s a huge enthusiastic community out there doing it already.
  • Anatomy of an EV
    So what does an EV look like under the skin? there’s lots of things missing that you might be used to seeing in a car, and a few components that you won’t be familiar with.
  • EV FAQ
    We have compiled answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions that people may have when considering an electric vehicle.
  • A-Z of EV terms
    A glossary of terms that you may not be familiar with and what they mean
  • Links and Resources
    Links to a few other online resopurces and further reading for EV enthusiasts.