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Hydra EVC and EVbee’s Pioneering Partnership

In a significant move towards a sustainable and electrified future, Hydra EVC and EVbee proudly announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the EV charging landscape in the UK, bringing forth innovative public charging solutions. The spotlight of this partnership shines on the exclusive launch of a cutting-edge public AC charging range, expected to make waves in the country’s rapidly evolving EV charging industry.

Hydra EVC: Paving the Way for EV Charging Infrastructure Improvement

Founded in the UK in 2022, Hydra EVC emerged from its well-established roots in the MID metering sector. Committed to delivering industry-leading quality and exceptional value, Hydra EVC seeks to extend its legacy to the burgeoning EV charging market. The company’s mission revolves around educating and contributing to the enhancement of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure, fostering a seamless transition to an all-electric future. At the heart of Hydra EVC’s philosophy lies a dedication to becoming the most trusted EV charging brand, offering reliable, high-quality charging equipment at competitive prices, coupled with unparalleled customer care.

CEO Steven South’s Vision:

Hydra EVC’s CEO, Steven South, expresses optimism about the future, emphasising the enriching impact of the partnership with EVbee. The collaboration not only promises to elevate the EV industry but also signifies a mutual exchange of knowledge and technology. South underscores the heightened focus on customer service and aftercare, positioning it as a win-win for all stakeholders.

EVbee: Innovating Carefree Charging Solutions

With a robust background in EV research and manufacturing, EVbee was founded with a mission to create hassle-free charging solutions. Operating globally with bases in the Netherlands, Norway, China, Spain, and the UK, EVbee is dedicated to making a difference in the e-mobility transition. The company prioritises durability, usability, and innovation in crafting charging solutions that cater to user needs.

CEO Merv Roxas’ Perspective:

Merv Roxas, CEO of EVbee in the UK and Ireland, expresses excitement about the joint journey with Hydra. The shared goal of revolutionising the UK’s EV charging network lays a strong foundation for the partnership. The collaboration between the strengths of both companies presents a unique opportunity to drive positive change in the e-mobility transition.

A New Partnership for a Sustainable Future:

The partnership between Hydra EVC and EVbee signifies a shared commitment to providing smart solutions that can transform EV charging networks. Aligned with the UK’s 2050 net zero goal, the collaboration aims to accelerate the transition to an all-electric future. Hydra’s established presence in the EV community, coupled with EVbee’s end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, sets the stage for a powerful alliance with the potential to make a lasting impact on the UK’s e-mobility landscape.

Introducing the Echo Pro, Genesis Lite and Genesis Pro Public AC Chargers:

To address the growing demand for public charging, Hydra and EVbee introduce the new Public AC Charging range exclusively customised for the UK market. These state-of-the-art chargers boasts a robust exterior casing, ensuring a 10-year working life for reliability and longevity. With their versatile design, these chargers accommodate various installation setups and offers a daisy chain wiring system to optimise charging point efficiency. Beyond operational benefits for businesses, these chargers prioritise a user-friendly experience for EV users, featuring an easy-to-use touch screen and an optional contactless payment terminal.

The Hydra EVC and EVbee partnership, coupled with the introduction of the new Public AC Charging range, marks a pivotal development in the future of EV charging in the UK. This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, setting the stage for a transformative journey towards an electrified future.

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