Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
3 Hydra Apollos next to eachother

Hydra Apollo EV chargers to come pre-installed with Embed Digital Signage Platform

Digital signage software provider Embed Signage has linked up with UK electric vehicle charging brand Hydra EVC on a green-minded initiative, whereby the Hydra Apollo EV charger with 55″ digital media screen will be pre-installed with the embed digital signage platform.

Hydra EVC offers a range of commercial and domestic electric vehicle solutions, and their latest commercial EV chargepoint, the Hydra Apollo, features dual, rapid DC charging up to 100kW per vehicle, and comes with a built-in 55” digital screens paired with embed signage software.

“We’d explored various digital signage software to pair with the Hydra Apollo to make it easy to update content, but also offer great advertising features,” said Steven South, CEO, Hydra EVC.

“Pairing the Hydra Apollo with a top-class digital signage software was key to making the product an attractive ‘all-in-one’ proposition to customers, so offering embed signage made absolute sense.

“It’s a great product and offers brilliant content management tools, as well as analytics, which is very important for this type of product.”

The Hydra Apollo positions itself as a product to maximise return on investment for EV charging networks. This is made possible by doubling the revenue streams, combining the fees raised from EV charging with valuable advertising revenues on the screen.

“For embed signage to be made available to all that adopt the Hydra Apollo is something we’re extremely proud of and it aligns perfectly with our Climate Action Plan,” added Drew Harding, head of sales and marketing at embed signage.

“The Hydra Apollo offers so much flexibility in terms of running embed – there’s the built-in OS that has embed pre-installed, but also the option to install other media players, such as BrightSign or industrial-grade PCs – practically whatever the customers’ preference is for running embed signage can all be accommodated.”

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