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Hydra EVC to offer retro-fit contactless payment solution for existing EV charge points

  • Pensio Contactless Payment solution is fully OCPP compliant
  • Contactless payments offer hassle-free charging experience for EV drivers
  • Pension can work with almost any existing charge point
  • Compatible with existing back office management platforms

Until very recently almost all public EV charge points required the use of an app to activate charging facilities and pay for the energy used. But as EV ownership has grown, and the number of Charge Point Operators (CPOs) has grown so has the proliferation of apps and other online payment methods.

The public has demanded a different approach and so has the UK Government with its drive to encourage all publicly accessible charge points to offer a simpler payment process, notably contactless, tap-and-go or swipe-to-pay methods.

Hydra EVC was one of the first EV charge point suppliers to offer built-in contactless payments for its range of commercial EV charging units. The development of this service has lead to the introduction of Hydra’s PENSIO Contactless Payment Solutions.

Not only can the payment terminal be integrated within the chargepoint itself but the unit can also be mounted remotely and manage multiple chargepoints from a single terminal. This helps reduce the initial cost of deployment and also the overall overheads.

Hydra has now gone one step further and is now offering the PENSIO solution to all CPOs regardless of manufacturer. This is achieved by mounting all of the communications, power and networking components within a separate housing which can be mounted adjacent to an existing chargepoint, protecting existing investment and future proofing the payment process.

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