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Our payment terminals can be fitted to the chargepoint from new or deployed as a retrofit solution for existing chargepoints – Even for other manufacturer’s models.

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Contactless payments for EV Charging

  • Increased revenue from your chargepoint network
  • Ease of use for the end user
  • No apps or registration required – just tap and charge!
  • Retrofit option for existing EV chargepoints

With public EV charging becoming increasing accessible it brings with it an abundance of apps and websites in order to capture payments from EV drivers. Before you know it you could have 15 apps relating to 15 different Chargepoint brands and it all becomes a bit overwhelming.

Hydra EVC is proud to partner with industry-leading service providers to offer simple, streamlined payment process, so all your EV customers have to worry about is how to occupy themselves while they get a quick charge in.

We support two standard payment methods on our chargepoints: ‘Scan & Pay’ will prompt the EV driver to scan a QR code which takes them to a virtual payment terminal on their smartphone, allowing them to make payment with any credit or debit card online. This solution is perfectly functional and does not force the user to download an app and register an account just to pay, however if the EV driver does not own a smart phone, has no signal or the phone battery is low it could leave them without a method to pay.

Payment types

Tap and Charge…

The second option is our intelligently designed PENSIO Contactless Payment Solution. Hydra chargepoints can benefit from contactless direct payment using a debit card, credit card or a virtual wallet payment method such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

This turn-key solution will allow EV users the freedom to use either physical (card) or virtual (phone) payment, increasing your visitor base, which in turn offers more consistent revenue from your public charge points.

Maximise revenue from your chargepoints by allowing EV drivers to find and use them: Hydra chargepoints can be switched from private to public at the flick of a switch.

If your chargers are not in use outside of business hours or you simply want to charge your visitors for charging at your sites, all of this can be managed through the Hydra NEXUS online platform.

The CPI Alio™ Pro is a rugged, reliable cashless terminal with an excellent user experience and unique capabilities which make it a perfect solution for hassle-free public EV charging.

The Alio™ Pro from CPI presents an all-in-one cashless hardware solution for unattended payments. It features a large touchscreen and customisable user interface to suit various applications. Alio™ Pro’s rugged outer-casing and protective Gorilla Glass protects the hardware against vandalism and daily wear-and-tear ensuring years of trouble-free use.

The Alio™ Pro Card Reader accepts all electronic payments, including chip, contactless, swipe, and smart phone or smart watch payments

and Retro-Fit…

While we offer full integration of our Pensio solution within the EV charger, which reduces installation times and infrastructure requirements, our contactless payment terminals can also be mounted in a separate housing that contains all of the relevant communications, network and power components to work seamlessly with the charge point.

This housing can be installed adjacent to or in the vicinity of the chargepoint, either as a wall-mounted unit or on a pedestal or post.

The remote housing solution offers two main benefits:

  • One payment terminal can be configured to manage multiple chargepoints, cutting down costs
  • The payment terminal can be retro-fitted to work alongside almost all existing EV chargepoints, not just Hydra EVC units, and can be integrated within any existing network and back office management platform.
Hydra Pensio Payment Terminal Facing Right

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Please Note:

  • Hydra NEXUS with PENSIO comes prebuilt into your chargepoint so all that is required is installation of your charger and commission by one of our friendly Hydra Approved installation partners.
  • The PENSIO Contactless Payment Solution does incur additional charges, such as transaction fees, in addition to the standard Hydra NEXUS monitoring and management fees. These charges cover commissioning and maintenance of your payment device and will be detailed in your service agreement.
  • Hydra EVC specialises in smart charging solutions, with our experienced team on hand to guide you throughout the set up process along with advising you on tariff settings we will ensure you are generating revenue from your chargepoints.