Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
Hydra EVC can work with monta, tap and fuuse

Hydra EV chargepoints are true Open Platform devices

Hydra EV chargepoints designed for workplace, public or commercial charging are automatically able to connect to either Hydra Cloud or Hydra Nexus back-office platforms for remote monitoring and management of each charger.

Hydra Cloud is the perfect platform for chargepoints where the owner only wishes to monitor each charger as it logs the power consumption and charging sessions for each charging gun and records statistics for each authorised user.

Hydra Nexus takes this one step further by adding payment and revenue generating facilities to the facility. Payments can be taken either by Scan-and-Pay or Contactless Payment terminal.

With both of these cloud-based platforms the charging units can be located in different geographical locations and will accommodate a mix of different models and specifications, including both Fast AC and Rapid DC chargers. This will allow anyone to launch their own CPO (Charge Point Operator) business, starting from a single chargepoint to a network  of multiple charging locations.

Open Platform

As Hydra EV chargers are fully OCPP compliant they can also be integrated into any existing chargepoint network, even those using a different monitoring and management platform.

Hydra charging devices have been fully tested and proven to be compatible with the MONTA, FUUSE and TAP platforms. A simple change in the settings on the device can point it to your existing back-office platform making it easy to integrate Hydra units into your network and work seamlessly alongside EV chargepoints from other manufacturers.

This OCPP facility also means that most of the configuration and commissioning process for commercial Hydra chargepoints can be carried out remotely, cutting down installation costs. All the EV chargepoint installer has to do is ensure that power is available and the chargepoint can connect to the internet. We offer Wi-Fi, wired ethernet or 4G connectivity as standard across the range.

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