Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
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DC EV chargers suitable for vehicle workshops and service bays

Direct current (DC) electric vehicle (EV) chargers can be a valuable addition to vehicle workshops and service centres. They provide several advantages for workshops that service electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Here are some benefits of having DC EV chargers in a vehicle workshop:

⚡️Faster Diagnostics: DC fast chargers can rapidly charge the vehicle’s battery, allowing technicians to assess the vehicle’s electrical system quickly, check for faults, and diagnose issues related to the battery or charging system.

⚡️Efficient Repairs: When a workshop needs to perform repairs or maintenance on an electric vehicle, having a DC charger on-site enables technicians to charge the battery quickly after completing the service. This ensures that the vehicle is returned to the customer with a sufficient charge, reducing any inconvenience to the owner. A charger such as the Hydra DION is a wall-mounted, dual output unit which can easily be incorporated into a workshop with a very little footprint but charge two vehicles simultaneously.

⚡️Extended Testing: DC chargers allow for extended testing of electric vehicles. Technicians can perform thorough checks and confirm that all systems are functioning correctly without worrying about the vehicle’s battery running out during testing.

⚡️Customer Service: Offering charging services to customers who visit your workshop for repairs or maintenance can enhance customer satisfaction. It demonstrates that you are well-prepared to handle electric vehicles and can meet the needs of EV owners.

⚡️Emergency Charging: When an electric vehicle is brought to your workshop with a low battery, a DC charger can provide emergency charging to recharge the vehicle quickly.

⚡️Employee Training: Having DC chargers on-site allows technicians to become familiar with EVs’ charging process and electrical systems. This can help your workshop build expertise in servicing electric vehicles, potentially attracting more customers.

⚡️Support for Hybrid Vehicles: DC chargers can also be beneficial for servicing plug-in hybrid vehicles, as they may have larger battery capacities that require faster charging than traditional hybrids.

⚡️Attracting EV Owners: Offering DC fast charging services at your workshop can attract EV owners looking for a service centre that understands their vehicle’s needs and can provide efficient and knowledgeable assistance.

⚡️Revenue Generation: You can offer charging services as an additional revenue stream. Charging fees can be added to the overall service bill, creating an opportunity for increased profitability. All Hydra DC chargers can be fitted with Contactless Payment facilities allowing customers and others to pay for charging completely hassle free: no apps!

⚡️Environmental Responsibility: By investing in DC EV chargers, your workshop can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which can resonate with eco-conscious customers.

When considering the installation of DC EV chargers in your vehicle workshop or service bay, it’s essential to evaluate factors such as the types of electric vehicles you expect to service, the charging standards and connectors you want to support, and the charging power levels that best suit your needs. Additionally, staying up-to-date with EV technology and effectively training your technicians to work with electric vehicles is crucial for successfully integrating DC charging infrastructure into your workshop’s services.

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