Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
Hydra zodiac socket and tethered

Choosing a tethered or untethered Electric Vehicle chargepoint

There are generally two types of EV charger, those which have the charging lead and plug permanently attached and those which just have a socket for you to plug in a separate lead. There are pros and cons to both kinds.


 No need to buy or keep a separate charging lead

 The cable is always attached and ready to use

 You always know that you have the correct cable

 The length of cable may be limiting factor if you have two cars

 The cable can look untidy if it isn’t wound up neatly after every use.


 Looks neater with no unsightly cable looped around the charger or left on the floor

 You can get a cable the exact length you need, usually longer than the 4m or 5m standard length.

 You may need to source a cable separately if you did not get one supplied with your EV

 You will need to ensure that the cable is the correct rating for your chargepoint. 3.5kW, 7kW and 22kW Type cables are available, you cannot use a 7kW cable with a 22kW chargepoint.

 Keeping the cable in the boot can be inconvenient if you regularly carry extra stuff in the back.

Hydra EV chargers are available in both tethered and untethered style. Our best-selling Zodiac model can be supplied as tethered or socket only in both 7kW and 22kW output. The commercial Hydra Genesis and Hydra Apollo Fast AC chargers are also available either with or without charging leads.

We can also supply EV charging leads in various lengths from 4m to 10m along with storage bags.

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