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Hydra Apollo Max in a Car Park

Apollo Max offers Rapid DC charging with built in 55″ Advertising Screen

It is well documented that outdoor digital media screens for Out of Home (OOH) advertising and marketing works amazingly well. They deliver the message, quite literally, right to the audience in places where they congregate.

Now imagine a scenario where a person will need to park up at a specific location to recharge an electric vehicle. Possibly the best definition of a captive audience you could find! Coupling the EV charging units with a digital media screen both doubles the function of the device and doubles the revenue generating opportunities.

Building on the success of our original Apollo EV charger – the first of its kind in the UK – the Apollo Max takes the concept one step further to offer Rapid DC charging to EV drivers needing to get quickly on their way. Delivering a maximum of 180kW of DC charge per vehicle it could easily recharge a standard EV up to 80% capacity in under 30 minutes.

Whereas the original Hydra Apollo EV charger offered dual, fast AC output, the Apollo MAX can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously, all with seamless load balancing to optimise charging times and remove any chance of overloading the local grid infrastructure.

The features list does not end there! Multiple payment facilities are available from RFID cards to contactless payments – just tap and charge. And what could be better than complete remote management of the entire system?

Once installed everything else can be managed and monitored online: The charging functions, the advertising and digital media plus the payments, all of this is logged and managed remotely allowing the chargepoint operator (CPO) to maximise revenues with little or no hands-on intervention.

The Apollo MAX is fully OCPP compliant meaning it can be integrated within existing networks and back-end management platforms, further cutting down on deployment overheads. If this is a new installation, then our Hydra NEXUS platform is a fully featured solution which enables CPOs to grow from one chargepoint to a national network of locations if required.

For advertising and media content the Apollo MAX comes pre-installed with the EMBED digital media management platform. This automates the process of loading content remotely which can then be set to display according to whatever schedules and parameters the host chooses.

More information: The Hydra Apollo Max 360kW Ultra Rapid DC EV charger with 55″ media screen and contactless payments

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