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When did ‘Destination Charging’ become a thing?

You may have heard the phrase. ‘Destination Charging’ and not really picked up on its significance for the hospitality industry. Essentially it refers to the EV driver’s expectation to find EV charging facilities at their chosen destination.

While the vast majority of EVs are charged at home, many EV owners report that the charging infrastructure can be woefully lacking when they venture further afield. If they cannot find adequate charging facilities at a chosen destination or on a trip, then they just choose a different location or route.

The EV chargepoint locating companies such as Zap-Map are the go-to apps for EV owners. Destinations and routes are plotted according to the availability of suitable charging facilities. So, while it is very easy indeed to plan a road trip right around the UK in an EV, if your business is not within easy reach of the routes plotted by Zap-Map then you risk being bypassed.

Offering EV charging on site is the only sure-fire way to attract the growing number of EV owners.

The chargepoints do not need to be the Rapid 100kW+ units you see at motorway service stations, those are designed to get someone recharged enough for another 100 miles or so in just a few minutes. Destination charging can be adequately handled with residential 7kW output units such as the Hydra Zodiac, these will recharge an EV from 10% up to 80% in around three-to-four hours and offer simple “plug’n’charge” access.

However, for a business to earn real additional revenue and maximise the convenience for their guests there are a range of EV charge points available which offer faster charging, contactless payments, cloud-based monitoring and management and higher output dual charging options.

The flexibility of chargepoints such as the Hydra Genesis means it can be configured to maximise charging power according to your available electrical supply and provide hassle-free payments options while remaining aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive in any leisure or business environment.

Why not offer free charging to important guests?

While it is possible to earn a good level of additional income from an EV chargepoint it is also possible to offer it as a perk to important guests without needing separate installations. All of the commercial units from Hydra EVC can be fitted with both Contactless payment facilities and RFID card access.

This allows business to reward loyal customers by giving them an RFID card to access the chargepoint without needing to make a separate payment. These cards could also be used by staff if required.

Let the experts take care of everything

The unrivalled joint expertise offered by EVIELIFE and HYDRA EVC is on hand to guide you through the entire process from choice of chargepoint, location, infrastructure, metering, and training of staff.

A wide range of EV chargepoints are available from single output 7kW (suitable for longer events or overnight charging) and dual output 22kW chargers right up to the multi-outlet Rapid DC units usually seen on motorway service stations but fast becoming popular at tourist destinations and businesses catering to guests making shorter visits.

All of the charging units offered by Hydra EVC are OZEV approved, allowing businesses to claim valuable Government funding towards the cost and installation of public chargepoints. Alternatively, EVIELIFE offer a fully funded profit share model to reduce upfront costs.

See EVIELIFE and HYDRA EVC on stand 2118 (mezzanine level near to the Hotel Vision Stage) at the Independent Hotel Show at Olympia, London from Tuesday 4th to Wednesday 5th October 2022. You can obtain free tickets to the show HERE (https://independenthotelshow-2022.reg.buzz/)

EVIELIFE – https://www.evie-life.com

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