Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
Hydra Cubus with solar panel background with works with octopus icon

UK’s Best Solar compatible EV charger

We all like something for free but how about charging your electric vehicle (EV) for free? It is not only possible, it has never been easier.

With the recent spike in energy prices the demand for solar installations in both domestic and commercial buildings has also risen. Residential customers are making the most of their ability to recoup Solar PV installation costs in 5-6 years instead of the previous average of 10-12 years.

The cost of battery storage systems has also dropped significantly in recent years and with the impending 2030 deadline for switching to EVs for new car buyers, what better time to also look at EV charging which can run entirely or partially from free solar energy?

However, although there is a huge choice of EV chargepoints for domestic use, there are very few which are compatible with solar energy, leaving the EV driver relying on the national grid to recharge their EV.

What could be better than a chargepoint which can do both?

The Hydra Cubus EV charger offers the widest specification list on the market. Built-in solar compatibility – which can also run from battery storage systems – RFID keyfob activation removing the need for smartphone apps (don’t worry, it still has a full-featured app too!) and fully compatible with Octopus Energy’s Agile Tariff to maximise off-peak and 100% renewable energy for when your solar panels are busy powering the rest of the house.

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