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Top ten tips for prolonging EV battery life

Prolonging the life of your electric vehicle (EV) battery is important to maximise the vehicle’s overall efficiency and reduce long-term costs. Here are ten tips to help you extend your EV battery’s lifespan:

⚡️ AVOID FREQUENT DEEP DISCHARGES: Try to keep your battery charge level between 20% and 80% most of the time. Frequent deep discharges can strain the battery and reduce its longevity.

⚡️USE REGENERATIVE BRAKING: Most EVs have regenerative braking systems that help recharge the battery when you slow down or brake. This feature extends your driving range and reduces wear on the brake pads.

⚡️AVOID EXTREME TEMPERATURES: High temperatures can accelerate battery degradation. Park your EV in the shade or a garage, especially during hot summer, and avoid exposure to extreme cold.

⚡️CHARGE AT A MODERATE RATE: Avoid fast charging whenever possible, as it generates more heat and can put extra stress on the battery. Opt for slower, level 2 charging, such as a 7kW Domestic AC charger like the Hydra Cubus or a 22kW workplace AC charger like the Hydra Genesis.

⚡️LIMIT DC RAPID CHARGING: While convenient for long trips, frequent Rapid DC charging stations can increase battery wear. Use them sparingly, and rely on slower AC chargers (above) for daily charging.

⚡️MAINTAIN A CONSISTENT CHARGING ROUTINE: Try to charge your EV daily or at least a couple of times per week. This consistency can help manage the battery’s state of charge and improve its long-term health.

⚡️AVOID LETTING THE BATTERY SIT AT FULL CHARGE: If you don’t plan on driving your EV for an extended period, consider charging the battery to around 50% before parking the vehicle. Lithium-ion batteries degrade more quickly when sitting at full charge.

⚡️UPDATE SOFTWARE: Keep your EV’s software up to date. Manufacturers often release updates that optimise battery management and improve overall efficiency. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for details.

⚡️CHECK TYRE PRESSURE REGULARLY: Proper tyre maintenance can affect your EV’s efficiency. Keep the tyres properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maximise range and efficiency.

⚡️MONITOR BATTERY HEALTH: Most EVs have built-in systems or apps that allow you to monitor your battery’s health and performance. Keep an eye on this information and address any issues promptly.

Remember that battery technology is continually improving, and EV manufacturers are making strides in increasing battery longevity. However, following these tips can help you get the most out of your current EV battery.

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