Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers


The entire range of Hydra EV chargers has been designed and built to be as robust, reliable and easy to use as possible so we are hoping – in the nicest possible way – that you’ll never need to contact us. However, for those times when you might need assistance we offer access the following facilities:

Please select which charger you have:

Before you contact us please try the following:

We ask that you make a number of small checks to your EV chargepoint before contacting our helpful support team:

  • Ensure the emergency stop button has not been engaged
  • Check the charging lead is connected to the vehicle properly
  • Check the fuse/breaker in the consumer unit relating to the charger has not tripped
  • Switch off the isolator and check there are no loose connections to the charger and/or consumer unit
  • Make sure your electric vehicle is operating the latest software from the manufacturer and any firmware updates have been applied
  • Make sure the charger is online (via your APP), if the charger is not online we will not be able to remotely access it to run a diagnostic


Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Hydra EV chargers and EV charging in general.

PDF Library

We have created a library of downloadable PDF manuals and user guides here. These are frequently updated and republished as necessary.


Find what is covered by your Hydra EV charger warranty and details of our market-leading 5-year extended Warranty.

EVC Spares

If you need spare parts for your EV charger please contact technical support. If you have registered your EV charger we can locate your details.

EVC Accessories

We have a range of accessories for EV drivers, from EV charging cables to pedestal mounts. If you need anything that is not listed, please get in touch.

Leave a Review

We are open and transparent with our customers' experience so please leave us a review on Trustpilot. Or get in touch if you have an unresolved issue.

Installer Support

Technical Support for installers and other Commissioning Videos are available by contacting installs@hydraev.co.uk

Installer Support

Technical Assistance is available for installations here. Hydra Approved Installation Partners please use your WhatsApp number for faster response

Installation Manuals

We have created a library of downloadable PDF installation manuals here. These are frequently updated and republished as necessary.


We carry a range of spares and ancillary products for our installation partners. Please get in touch with your requirements.

Technical Support is also available via support@hydraev.co.uk.

Please make sure you include your name, address, model of EV charger, its serial number and the nature of your enquiry.