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Renault has reimagined the iconic Renault 4 for a new life as an EV SUV adventure Vehicle : The 4EVER TROPHY

4EVER Trophy puts a new twist on the Renault 4’s iconic wide horizontal grille featuring the round, built-in lamps, now with Matrix LED lights.While the recognisable pill-shaped rear lights have also been entirely redesigned, they remain recognisable and are a clear nod to the iconic 4L.

An electric vehicle that ventures off the beaten track: that is what the rugged 4EVER Trophy show car strives to convey. An EV designed for the great outdoors. The dune-buggy vibe gives 4EVER Trophy a competitive look.

The front overhang has been shortened considerably for a greater ground clearance. With a spare tyre located on the carbon fibre roof, and a shovel and waffle boards on the upper section of the rear door, the car is ready to tackle any situation.

The body protection panels on the lower section are made with a 20cm clearance around the wheel arches. The high-seated body highlights the width of the 753mm wheels mounted on 19” rims. The underbelly has been reinforced to provide greater protection for the battery located in the middle of the chassis.

Like the Renault 5, it will be made using the new CMF-BEV platform for B segment electric vehicles. The platform is slated to give the best performance in terms of range, acoustics, and on-road behaviour, without compromising on the design.

The market positioning of the future Renault 5 and Renault 4 will be much like that of Clio and Captur. The 4EVER Trophy and Renault 5 Prototype on display at the Renault stand during the Paris Motor Show embody Renault’s nouvelle vague.

Like its predecessor, the future vehicle built off 4EVER Trophy’s design will be made in France. Thanks to their shared traits, all vehicles using the CMF-BEV platform will be built in the ElectriCity hub in northern France.

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