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Doors opened on HiPhi cars

Premium EV brand, HiPhi, plans expansion into Europe

HiPhi revealed the third vehicle in its EV model line-up at the Shanghai Auto Show, alongside its initial plans for global expansion. The new HiPhi Y will join the X and Z models, with plans for the first European customer cars to hit the road in 2023.

Munich, Germany and Oslo, Norway have been confirmed as the sites of the first HiPhi Hubs showrooms, following the models of the existing HiPhi Hubs in China.

The HiPhi X Super SUV has already received EU Vehicle Approval, with the HiPhi Z Digital GT to follow shortly. This will allow for both cars to be sold in European markets as a first step into markets outside China. HiPhi X is already the best-selling luxury EV domestically.  

The HiPhi X Super SUV features a number of innovative features including an intelligent automatic door system with wings. The HiPhi Z includes the HiPhi Bot robotic arm holding an infotainment screen. Both cars offer a range of over 600km.

HiPhi Founder, Chairman and CEO David Ding said, “HiPhi has been committed to building a global high-end brand from China since its inception, so while we delve deeply into the Chinese market, we also look globally. In 2023, we will launch a global brand strategy and expand into overseas markets, with the European and Middle Eastern markets the focus of our first wave of expansion.”

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