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fiat doblo ev on charge

New FIAT E-Doblò can carry up to 800kg for 178miles

The New E-Doblò is the third electric vehicle for FIAT PROFESSIONAL, after E-Ducato and E-Scudo. In the UK, the new Doblò will be available in two lengths with two different configurations (Van and Crew Cab). The E-Doblò offers a payload of up to 800 kg on both wheelbases, allowing to load to 2 euro-pallets.

Magic Cargo allows for a 0.5 m3 increase in cargo volume and the possibility of loading long objects like pipes or ladders up to 3.4 m of load length. To add more space, it is possible to raise the seat on the passenger side and use the compartment underneath for boxes or fragile objects. There is also a rotating tray table to turn the Doblò cabin into a mobile office.

Magic Mirror is a 5” digital rearview mirror providing three different views: a rearview mirror, a complete view of the blind spot area and rear parking camera improving visibility and safety.

Magic Plug makes it possible to use the van’s battery for specific conversion needs like a cargo fridge or a workbench for power tools.

The long-wheelbase version reaches a maximum volume of 4.4 m3. The Crew Cab long wheelbase body allows a unique modularity between seat and cargo space, thanks to a sliding bulkhead, which enables the adjustment of cargo space or passenger seating as needed.

The E-Doblò is equipped with a 100-kW electric motor and a 50kWh battery that allows a range of more than 173 miles. “Rapid Charge Mode” can accommodate charging up to 100 kW, which could charge up to 80% of capacity in just 30 minutes.

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