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two of the fully electric JE van

Morris Commercial is set to accelerate production of the fully electric JE van

Morris Commercial has announced funding sufficient to accelerate the final engineering, certification and production of the company’s all-electric Morris JE van, with first deliveries to customers set for early 2024. The JE has a 1-ton payload and 6.5m3 carrying capacity at a 2.5 ton GVW, and a driving range of up to 250 miles.

Based in the Midlands, not far from the original Oxford heartland of the spiritual predecessor, Morris Commercial set its mission to revive the iconic Morris Commercial marque, but fully engineered for the 21st century. The JE van incorporates innovative technologies with a zero emission, pure electric drivetrain, combining to make the vehicle carbon-neutral over its entire life cycle.

The company unveiled its first concept prototype Morris JE Nov 2019, which has since appeared in a number of TV programmes such as the BBC Travel Show, Guy Martin and German state-owned station, Deutsche Welle.

Capital for Colleagues (C4C), a listed investment vehicle focused on opportunities in the Employee Owned Business (‘EOB’) sector has invested alongside substantial investment from C4C co-investor Bill Ainscough and TJ Morris Limited. Morris Commercial’s current shareholders have also made sizable further investments.

Visit www.morris-commercial.com for more information

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