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Justpark’s community charging network JUSTCHARGE could make EV ownership viable for more motorists

JustCharge, the EV Community Charging solution from JustPark allows drivers to search the JustPark app for available home charging points. The service allows EV charging owners to monetise the time that chargers are not in use lowering the Total Cost of Ownership and easing the transition to an EV

“Having lived with an EV without a home charging point, I know the challenges of limited public charging capacity firsthand, especially trying to find one outside of London. Community Charging has the potential to ease the transition to EV for millions of car buyers. The majority of UK councils do not currently have an EV charging strategy in place. JustCharge, part of the UK’s largest driveway sharing network JustPark, represents a viable and cost-effective route to addressing the dramatic charging shortfall as we transition to EVs.” Matt Shirley, Head of EV Networks, JustPark

As EV ownership grows the gap in the charging infrastructure affects the requirements of more than 40% of UK drivers who live in flats or a home without a drive. Also those who live in shorter term rentals.

If just 5% of those with a home charging point joined the JustCharge network, it would double the number of publicly available charging locations in the UK. This would contribute to millions more drivers being able to viably access EVs. 

For more information visit www.justpark.com/justcharge

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