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Hydra EVC to supply Australian firm Kingman with range of EV chargepoints in exclusive new deal

Kingman are one of the largest signage companies in Australia and have adopted the Hydra Apollo EV chargepoint with 55” advertising screen as part of the company’s push into the digital media market.

The Apollo combines a dual output EV charging station with a huge 55” media screen which can be remotely managed to display advertising, local promotions or tourist information 24 hours a day.

Dual output charging can deliver up to 43kW to two EVs simultaneously while running from a standard three-phase electrical supply, cutting down on expensive infrastructure changes often required with some chargepoints.

Charging functions can be accessed by the use of an RFID card, restricting use to only those permitted to use the chargepoint, or Contactless Payment Terminal, allowing the general public to use the charger while out shopping, visiting a tourist attraction, or wherever the Apollo is installed.

The Hydra NEXUS back office management system can fully monitor and manage the chargepoint, or a whole network of chargepoints and generate reports based on usage, power consumption and revenue raised. Being fully OCPP compliant the Hydra Apollo can also be integrated into a customer’s own back office managent system if required.

Kingman EVC has identified the significant marketing potential in this unique form of EV chargepoint and the substantial levels of revenue it can raise, combing both advertising and EV charging facilities.

Kingman EVC will also be stocking other Hydra EV chargepoints to accompany the Apollo enabling it to deploy large-scale EV charging facilities with mixed output units for the more demanding customers.

It is an exciting time for both companies to be launching this venture as EV charging gathers pace in the UK and establishes a valuable and important foothold in Australia and New Zealand.

Kingman EVC

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