Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
Hydra and Monta

Hydra EV chargepoints fully compatible with MONTA platform

Hydra EVC offers a wide range of EV charging solutions from the Zodiac 7kW domestic unit right up to the triple-output Goliath 202kW Rapid DC charger.

While Hydra offers its own back-office management solutions and smartphone apps, being fully OCPP compliant means that its products can be integrated into and managed by any other OCPP compliant platform.

Hydra recently undertook an integration exercise to confirm that its AC and DC EV chargers designed for public, workplace and commercial usage can be linked up to the MONTA platform favoured by many CPOs (Charge Point Operators).

This compatibility offers CPOs the opportunity to add Hydra EVC units to an existing network which may already be managed on the MONTA platform and fully maximise opportunities for chargepoint expansion and deployment.

Hydra CLOUD and Hydra NEXUS

Hydra Cloud is a full-featured cloud-based management platform which allows companies and organisations to monitor and manage their EV charging networks, view status of every EV chargepoint and generate reports based on power usage, personnel usage etc.

Hydra Nexus expands on this management facility and introduces several powerful additional features, including the option to monetise a network and maximise revenue streams with fully automated payment and fulfilment systems built in. Get in touch with us to discuss your CPO ambitions today!

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