Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
Hydra Dion Installation

Hydra Dion 40kW

The HYDRA DION FAST DC EV CHARGER provides dynamic, load-balanced power distribution for up to two vehicles, each receiving 20kW or 30kW DC, depending on the configuration.

According to customer requirements, the Hydra Dion is fitted with single or double CCS2 charging cables. It can be connected to any three-phase AC input.

A fast DC charger with a lower power output can be a very cost-effective way to achieve faster charging times, compared to a standard AC wallbox, as it bypasses your EV’s onboard AC charger (which could be limited to 11kW).

This means an average family EV with a 60kWh battery could be fully recharged in under 3 hours compared to over 8 hours on a domestic 7kW chargepoint. Similarly, an electric commercial van with a 100kW battery could be recharged from 20% up to 80% charge in just 2 hours with the 30kW DION.

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