Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers

Case Study:

Hydra CUBUS 7kW, Socket Only

This domestic residential customer requested a socket-only 7kW Cubus EV charge point to be installed in their garge. The socket-only unit allows the owner to use the charging cable which came with their car. It also makes it easier if the owner wants to use a longer or shorter charging cable in the future. We sell type-2 charging cables up to 20m in length.

A tethered version of the Hydra Cubus is also available which has a 5m Type-2 charging cable permanently attached. Type-1 adapters can be safely used if your vehicle does not have a Type-2 socket.

We also have a 22kW version of the Hydra Cubus for use in commercial or workplace installations, or larger residential properties where three-phase electrical supply is available.

Installed by our Installation Partner, Excite Electrical, based in Bishop Stortford, Excite Electrical covers locations across Londion and the south east. 

Further details:

A Hydra Cubus Socket Installed on grey brick wall
A Hydra Cubus Socket Installed on grey brick wall

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