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How much does an Electric Vehicle charger cost?

Unfortunately this is not a simple question. You can find the cost of buying an EV charger just by searching the internet and looking at the various alternatives from different companies. But whatever you buy will need to be installed, which can cost more than the purchase price of the EV charger itself.

A good rule-of-thumb guide is to expect to pay between £500-£800 for a single output domestic 7kW charger. The precise specification, as mentioned earlier, is likely to be similar for all models although there will be some variations. For this you’d expect to get at least a 3 year comprehensive warranty and an intuitive smartphone App so that you can monitor and manage the charger remotely (Even sitting indoors while you monitor your car charging outside is classed as ‘remote’ operation).

Don’t be enticed by too-good-to-be-true low prices, as mentioned before, these units are often old stock, previous models or basic units that mean you have to pay extra to buy additional components in order to install them. No point saving money on the charger then paying more for the installation.

As for the installation cost, again this varies according to your exact requirements. Most Electrical Engineers or specialist EV chargepoint installers can give you a rough estimate based on a number of assumptions. These can be things like distance of the EV chargepoint away from the main consumer unit (fusebox) in the property. Ease of installing electrical cable. Whether an earthing rod is required. Is the Fusebox up to date and can it accommodate an additional 32amp circuit for the charger? Etc.

If the charger is located in the garage a few feet away from the fusebox it is obviously going to be more straightforward, and less costly, than if the electrician has to lay 20 metres of cable and upgrade the fusebox.

As a general guide we’d say that you should expect to pay from £500 to £1,000 for installation with an OZEV approved electrician.

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