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How do Recovery Companies like the AA and RAC deal with Electric Vehicles?

Just because you buy an EV doesn’t mean you can no longer use breakdown cover. You may have heard the luddites proclaiming “You can’t tow an EV!”. Well, they’re not wrong, but you cannot tow some petrol cars with automatic gearboxes or all-wheel-drive systems either!

Recovering your vehicle in the event of a breakdown will be an ‘all-wheels-up’ affair, so expect your EV to be recovered on a flatbed recovery truck.

This is perfectly normal and is the preferred method of recovery for the vast majority of recovery companies and garages as it is easier and safer for them to quickly get you off the road and to safety.

The RAC uses a neat Rapid Deployment Trailer carried by all of its emergency patrols where a stranded vehicle can be lifted and towed to safety.

In the event of you running out of charge there are mobile and portable charging products available which can supply just enough charge to get you a few miles further down the road and hopefully find an EV chargepoint. Some recovery vehicles are fitted with a quick-boost system to get you going again, although the major recovery companies still seem to prefer to tow you to a chargepoint and get you properly recharged rather than just offer a quick boost.

Breakdown cover for EVs is available from The AA, RAC and Green Flag and most independent recovery companies will also be experienced with Electric Vehicles.

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