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Fisker ocean electric vehicle driving on a road

Fisker Ocean Extreme achieves a combined WLTP range of up to 707km (440 miles)

Fisker has announced that the all-electric Fisker Ocean Extreme has achieved a combined WLTP range of up to 707km (440 miles), the longest range of any battery electric SUV in Europe. Capable of potentially driving from London to Glasgow or Paris to Frankfurt with range to spare.

“From the beginning, we planned the Fisker Ocean to deliver the highest level of design, sustainability, innovation, usability, and range. We created a fantastic 5-passenger vehicle, offering our buyers range confidence and convenience in every trip,” CEO Henrik Fisker said.

“This achievement is a major milestone for everyone at Fisker, and we are delighted the range exceeds our initial calculations,” Fisker continued.

The Fisker Ocean zero-emissions SUV is available in three trim levels: Extreme, Ultra, and Sport, with some already sold out in several markets.

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