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Fering Pioneer hybrid-electric 4×4 set to hit the trails by 2024

A British adventure vehicle start-up has entered the second phase of its development program to create an electrified 4×4 pick-up designed to take on the toughest of terrains.

The Fering Pioneer is the brainchild of ex-Ferrari and McLaren engineer Ben Scott-Geddes, who has repurposed supercar and racing technology to create an off-road vehicle which is compact, lightweight and unusually efficient.

The company has completed the first phase of prototype testing and has now secured funding for phase two. This will allow two further prototypes to be built, which will be made to the specifications of Fering’s first confirmed customers.

After months of testing at the famous Millbrook Proving Ground, mainly in the gruelling off road and military test areas, the Pioneer Prototype #1 has proved it is exceptionally capable.

Despite its imposing appearance, the Pioneer is no larger in any direction than a typical delivery van and is shorter than a Ford Mondeo Estate. It also weighs the same as a family hatchback and less than half the figures for some electric and hybrid 4x4s.

Power to the axles is provided solely by two electric motors – unusual for an off-road vehicle. But they are perfectly suited to the task, providing instant torque, controllability, and reliability. They provide a total of 800Nm of torque; far more than a comparable diesel 4×4.

A battery provides an electric-only range of around 50 miles. The Pioneer’s range extender generator is then available to give ability to keep going to the end of your adventure. The powerpacks are designed to survive in extreme temperatures. Customers will be able to specify their vehicles to be configured with different combinations of battery pack and range extender fuel to cater for local conditions and operational needs.

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