Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers
Regs update on the hydra zodiac

EV Chargepoint Regulations Update

You may be aware that last year the UK Government introduced a raft of new regulations which apply to private EV chargepoints. The regulations only apply to chargepoints in a private location but includes both residential and workplace.

In June 2022 the regulations introduced a number of ‘SMART’ requirements including a built in randomised delay to eliminate surge demand on the grid as well as the ability to set charging times to make best use of off-peak times and cheap rate tariffs.

The Hydra Zodiac and our accompanying Hydra Home smartphone app comply with these regulations as well as give other powerful management and reporting options for the home user, including a record of all charging sessions and energy consumed.

From December 2022 further security regulations were introduced including the requirement for a physical tamper-proof lock and cyber security measures which notify the owner and log any suspicious activity with the chargepoint and the app.

All new Hydra Zodiac chargepoints are fully compliant with these new regulations.

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