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Electrogenic launches a drop in kit to electrify
the iconic Land Rover Defenders

Electrogenic, based in Oxfordshire,  has introduced a drop-in kit to convert a Land Rover Defender to fully-electric power. The kit, aimed at the agricultural sector and landowners, has been in development and extensively tested over the past 18 months on Worthy Farm, host to the Glastonbury Festival.

An electric motor is simply bolted to the Defender’s existing clutch bell housing, so the vehicle keeps all its gears.  It packs 120 bhp and 235 Nm of torque – comparable power and torque to the original diesel engine. 52kWh of batteries are mounted under the bonnet gives 100+ miles of range on-road and considerably more when driving off-road or around a farm. As standard, the kit is equipped for 7.5kW AC overnight charging via a Type 2 connector. Faster charging can be specified as an optional extra.

Steve Drummond, Electrogenic co-founder, said, “This new electric conversion kit is a really exciting development for us. We do high-specification conversions for road-warriors, but this kit is all about giving landowners an economic, sustainable option.  It’s easy to install and uses Electrogenic’s proprietary technology.  It gives Land Rover Defenders – long a trusty workhorse for farms up and down the country – an affordable new lease of life, reducing running costs while enhancing performance and driveability around the estate. After an extensive development programme, in partnership with automotive experts at Cardiff University, we also know that it future-proofs the traditional Defender, readying it for decades of reliable, sustainable service as we enter the age of low-carbon agriculture.”

Drummond concluded: “Defenders fitted with our easy to install kits do everything required of them on the farm quietly and efficiently. They are always there ready for use – just unplug and drive away; no more factoring in trips to the petrol station, and instant heat on cold frosty mornings. An electrified Defender can also represent one more step towards a farm achieving its sustainability goals. The converted Defenders really deliver on all fronts, and we’re sure they’ll serve farmers ably for many years to come.

The conversion kit has a indicative price of £24,000+VAT (plus fitting)

For more information go to: https://www.electrogenic.co.uk/

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