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Choosing an EV charge point installer

Although installing an EV charger is straightforward and should not be a complex job for any electrician, there are important considerations specific to EV charging which need to be taken into account. 

For this reason we recommend that you employ the services of either an EV chargepoint specialist or use one recommended by the manufacturers of the chargepoint you’ve bought. Even if you have a friendly electrician willing to do the job at mates-rates it might not be the best option if things go wrong.

An EV specialist will not only be able to advise on the best placement for the charger and accommodate the various characteristics required for long-term and trouble-free charging but they will carry an EV simulator. This is a piece of equipment which they can plug into the charger to simulate the charging of an EV to fully test that it operates as expected, just getting a green ‘on’ light might not be enough.

A specialist will probably also be able to help you set up your smartphone-app and get you charging straight away. This might require connecting with your home WiFi network, running a cable to your internet router, or installing a mobile data SIM card. These are tasks which, while not being complicated, not all electricians will wish to carry out.

Hydra has a UK wide network of approved installers or you can enter your postcode into the OZEV website to locate your nearest installer

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