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Can you make money from your EV charger?

Yes! We’ve already looked at the option of feeding power from your EV battery back to the grid. But there’s another option which is potentially much more lucrative: You can open up your charger for other people to use, and charge them for the convenience.

There are several smart-phone apps or spin-offs from other apps which allow you to list your chargepoint location available for other users to make use of. The methods for taking payment vary, some apps process the payments for you, others allow you to send a link to your PayPal account.

Normally a domestic chargepoint will be ‘locked’ to prevent strangers from plugging in without your permission but, depending on the model of charger you have and which app you use you can temporarily grant access to other users or unlock it. The app should also monitor how much power is used and the length of time the charger is being used.

Another option being offered by one company is to have an EV charger fitted at your property for free on the understanding that you make it available for commercial vehicle drivers to use. The theory is that as more companies switch to EV for delivery vans the more they will need to charge them during the day.

Also, many commercial drivers take their vans home at night but may not have access to their own EV charger so they will need to plug the van in at night. Obviously this will mean that you need to leave your driveway accessible during the times agreed but everything is arranged and booked through an app so there’s little chance that someone will be knocking on your door demanding you move your car late at night.

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