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Alpine-Dieppe GTX Over

Alpine to build fully electric GT X-Over sports car in Dieppe

In early 2021 Alpine’s outlined its plan to develop three all-new electric sports cars – a compact car, a crossover, and a new version of the A110 – by 2026. 

The very first GT Alpine X-Over will be made at the historic plant in Dieppe. This new model will combine the group’s experience in electric vehicles with the heritage in sports vehicles that have defined the Alpine marque.

Alpine is Dieppe, Dieppe is Alpine!

The unique, historic relationship is set to last for years to come thanks to a commitment to a sustainable future and a strongly-growing business. Seen as a crown-jewel of the French car industry, Alpine continues its reputation forautomotive excellence.

Laurent Rossi, CEO Alpine: “Alpine’s history is legendary! Its unique heritage can be seen in car racing with the equally legendary A110, and the future holds strong ambitions for the brand and its products. The announcement of the upcoming GT X-Over being made at the Manufacture Alpine Dieppe is proof that the future is being written in a location of historical importance for Renault.”

For further information visit www.alpinesportscars.co.uk

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