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All-electric CT-1, two-seater makes debut in Paris

The CT-1 is the world’s first all-electric mobility solution that can intelligently adapt its dimensions and handling to the individual needs of the driver and the driving environment.

The compact two-seater has been designed so that it can reduce its track width from 1.4 metres to one metre to allow it to manoeuvre into the smallest parking spaces across the urban environment. This unique wheelbase transformation also takes place on the road in real time to outsmart traffic and congestion flow.

Weighing just 590kg including the battery pack, the CT-1 offers 180km real-world driving range and just 30 minutes to re-charge from 10% to 80%.

When at 1.4-metres in width (in performance mode), the CT-1 has a top speed of 90km/h; when at a one-meter width (in city mode), speed is capped to 45km/h. The CT-1 measures 2,500mm in length and has an optimized wheelbase of 1,800mm.

City Transformer is offering the CT-1 at Mondial de l’Auto for pre-order by individuals for a limited time and quantity with a fully refundable €150 deposit. This exclusive, limited-run first production series of the CT-1 is priced at just €12,500.


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