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Advantages of offering EV charging to hotel guests

Offering electric vehicle (EV) charging to hotel guests can provide several advantages, making it an attractive amenity for guests and the hotel itself. Here are some of the benefits:

⚡️Competitive advantage: Providing EV charging stations can set your hotel apart from competitors. Guests who drive electric vehicles are more likely to choose your hotel over others, especially if they have access to convenient charging.

⚡️Attracting a niche market: EV owners are a growing demographic who actively seek accommodations with charging options. By catering to this niche market, you can tap into a customer base that is likely to be loyal and willing to pay a premium for EV-friendly amenities.

⚡️Increased occupancy and revenue: Attracting EV-owning guests can boost hotel occupancy rates and revenue. Guests may choose to stay longer or return in the future due to the added convenience of charging their vehicles on-site.

⚡️Enhanced guest experience: Offering EV charging demonstrates that your hotel is forward-thinking and environmentally conscious. This can enhance the guest experience and contribute to positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

⚡️Sustainability image: EV charging aligns with sustainability goals and can help your hotel reduce its carbon footprint. It’s an environmentally responsible amenity that can be highlighted in marketing materials.

⚡️Extended stays: EV charging encourages guests to stay longer, as they can comfortably leave their vehicles charging overnight using a 7kW or 22kW charge point such as the Hydra Cubus. Longer stays can increase revenue from room bookings, dining, and other amenities.

⚡️Corporate guests: Many business travellers are now using electric vehicles. Offering EV charging can attract corporate guests who value sustainability initiatives and may have corporate travel policies prioritising EV charging options.

⚡️Local partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses and tourism boards to promote your hotel as an EV-friendly destination. This can lead to increased visibility and partnerships that benefit your hotel.

⚡️Chargeable amenity: Some hotels charge guests for using the EV charging stations, creating an additional revenue stream.

⚡️Future-proofing: As EV adoption grows, charging infrastructure positions your hotel for future demand. This can be especially important in areas where EV adoption is accelerating.

⚡️Meeting regulatory requirements: In some regions, there are regulations or incentives encouraging businesses, including hotels, to offer EV charging options.

⚡️Public relations: Providing EV charging is a positive public relations move. It showcases your commitment to sustainability and can generate positive media coverage.

When implementing EV charging for hotel guests, it’s essential to consider factors like charger compatibility, the number of charging stations, charging speed, and pricing. Offering various charging options, such as AC and DC fast chargers, can cater to a broader range of EVs and meet varying guest needs. Additionally, effective signage and information about charging availability should be provided to guests for a seamless experience.

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