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Advantages of Fast DC charging for EV fleets?

DC (Direct Current) charging with lower-powered 20kW/30kW charge points can offer several advantages for electric vehicle (EV) fleets, especially in commercial and fleet management scenarios. Here are some of the benefits:

⚡️Faster charging: 30 kW DC charging is significantly faster than Level 2 AC charging, which typically delivers power at 7kW-22kW. This means fleet vehicles can spend less time at charging stations and more on the road, increasing overall productivity.

⚡️Quick turnaround: In fleet operations, time is money. With a 30kW DC charge point such as the Hydra Dion, vehicles can be quickly topped up during breaks or downtime, allowing for faster turnaround between shifts or trips.

⚡️Extended operating hours: Faster charging enables EV fleet operators to extend their vehicle’s daily operating hours. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that rely on continuous operations, such as delivery services or taxi companies.

⚡️Increased flexibility: Fleet operators can choose from a wider range of charging locations because 30kW DC chargers are becoming more widely available. This flexibility can improve route planning and reduce downtime waiting for charging availability.

⚡️Improved efficiency: With faster charging, vehicles with smaller batteries and shorter ranges remain perfectly usable, reducing vehicle weight and improving efficiency. This can also translate into improved revenue earnings per vehicle due to larger payloads.

⚡️Cost savings: While DC fast chargers are slightly more expensive to install than Level 2 AC chargers, the time saved for a fleet of electric vehicles can justify the investment. Reduced downtime and increased operational hours can lead to cost savings over the long term.

⚡️Future-proofing: As EV technology continues to evolve, having access to faster charging infrastructure can help future-proof your fleet. Newer EV models with larger batteries and faster charging capabilities will be compatible with existing 30kW DC chargers.

⚡️Reduced range anxiety: Faster charging options can help alleviate range anxiety for fleet drivers. Knowing that a fast charger is available can provide confidence that the vehicle can be quickly recharged.

⚡️Environmental benefits: EV fleets running on electricity generated from renewable sources can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable transportation solution.

⚡️Regulatory compliance: Some regions and cities implement regulations requiring fleets to meet certain environmental standards, including ultra-low or zero-emissions. Transitioning to EVs and utilising fast DC charging infrastructure can help fleet operators meet these requirements.

It’s important to note that the specific advantages of fast 20kW-30 kW DC charging can vary depending on the type of fleet, the routes, and the operational needs. Fleet managers should conduct a detailed analysis to determine the most suitable charging infrastructure for their requirements and assess the return on investment for adopting Fast DC charging for their EV fleet.

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