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Advantages of DC EV charging for independent car dealers

Direct current (DC) charging can offer several advantages for independent car dealers considering installing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) on their premises. Here are some potential benefits:

⚡️Attracting EV Customers: Offering DC fast charging can attract a new customer base interested in electric vehicles. As EV adoption grows, charging infrastructure can make your dealership more appealing to potential buyers.

⚡️Customer Convenience: DC fast chargers provide quick and convenient charging, making it easier for customers to test drive EVs and ensure they have enough charge for a longer test drive. This convenience can enhance the overall customer experience.

⚡️Demonstrating Confidence in EVs: Installing DC fast chargers at your dealership sends a strong message that you are confident in the viability of electric vehicles. It shows that you are committed to supporting EVs and are invested in their success.

⚡️Competitive Advantage: Having DC fast charging stations can give your dealership a competitive edge over other dealerships that do not offer charging infrastructure. It can help you stand out in a crowded market and win more sales.

⚡️Extended Test Drives: With DC fast charging, customers can take longer test drives without worrying about running out of battery charge. This can lead to more informed and positive purchasing decisions.

⚡️Charging for Inventory Maintenance: Independent car dealers can use DC fast chargers to maintain the charge of their EV inventory, ensuring that vehicles are always ready for test drives. This eliminates manual charging and keeps vehicles in optimal condition for potential buyers.

⚡️Additional Revenue Stream: You can charge a fee for using your rapid DC chargers out of hours, creating an additional revenue stream for your dealership. Alternatively, you may offer free charging as a promotional incentive to attract more customers. Access can be controlled with an app, an RFID keyfob or even a contactless payment terminal for the ultimate convenience.

⚡️Marketing and Branding: Having DC fast chargers at your dealership can be a valuable marketing tool. You can promote your charging services in advertising and branding efforts, emphasising your commitment to sustainability and EVs.

⚡️Supporting Local Infrastructure: By installing charging stations, you contribute to developing local EV charging infrastructure, which can benefit your community and encourage more people to consider EVs. Involving the local press for additional exposure is also a great PR opportunity.

⚡️Future-Proofing: Investing in DC fast charging infrastructure now can help future-proof your dealership. As EV adoption continues to rise, having charging stations in place positions your business to capitalise on the growing market.

It’s essential to consider factors like the location of your dealership, the availability of local incentives or rebates for charging infrastructure installation, and the specific needs of your customer base when deciding whether to invest in DC fast charging. Additionally, staying informed about EV market trends and consumer preferences can help you make informed decisions about integrating charging infrastructure into your dealership’s offerings.

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