Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV Tower Pedestal Mount

An ideal solution for housing developers, landlords, workplace car parks and homeowners alike, where a wall-mounted EV charger may not be possible.

The EV Tower Pedestal Mount is ahead of the game and provides a neat installation solution for those requiring an EV chargepoint away from the building.

The Pedestal Mount can accommodate a single Hydra Zodiac EV Charger along with hanging hook for the cable or for those requiring multiple chargers it can mount dual Zodiac chargers back-to-back facilitating Easy and fast charging for two vehicles at a time.

The EV Tower Pedestal Mount is suitable for  the 7kW and 22kW Hydra Zodiac models and can also be fitted with the optional contactless payment terminal for those looking to create an income stream from their EV chargepoint network.

  • SH90 x 90 x 30 355 Grade Steel
  • 8mm Fixing Plate
  • UK steel and manufacturing
  • Purpose-Built design
  • Future-proof your EV Installations.
  • Built to last and weather-resistant.
  • Ideal for housing developers.

Hardware & Fixings

  • 2-part, easy to assemble
    and comes with all fixings:
  • 4x M6 Fixings
  • 4x 100mm Thunder Bolts
  • 4x M4 Fixings
  • 4x 10mm Washers
  • 4x M10 Caps


Price (+VAT)

Call for Price


Our domestic Hydra Zodiac EV charger is priced as indicated (+VAT and installation). Almost all of our commercial EV chargers are configurable to the customer’s requirements and the cost will also be influenced by the type and location of the installation, power input and charging output required. Therefore we will provide a quote upon request.

We work with a nationwide network of Hydra approved and OZEV registered installers for both domestic and commercial EV chargers. We are able to recommend a suitable installer for your location and type of installation. We can also communicate with your chosen installation team to make sure they have everything you need to carry out a smooth installation. Every installation will be subject to a site survey by a qualified installer.

No, only fully qualified electricians should carry out the installation of EV charging equipment. We also advise that you should only choose OZEV approved installers. We work with a nationwide network of Hydra approved and OZEV registered installers.

In most instances no planning permission is required to install an EV chargepoint in a domestic or residential location, but it is always worth checking with your Local Council Planning Department to ensure there are no local restrictions in place.

See Planning Portal for more information: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/permission/common-projects/electrics/electric-vehicle-charging-points

If you live in rented accommodation or rent a commercial property you should always gain permission of the Landlord and/or leaseholder before installing EV charging equipment.

Almost all private residential property - and an amount of commercial properties such as high street shops and offices - operate on the standard single-phase 240v electrical supply. If this is the case you will be limited to using a 7kW charger such as the Hydra Zodiac. However, larger shops, offices, industrial premises and warehouses are linked to a three-phase 400v supply which will allow for the installation and use of a higher powered EV charger.

No, all Hydra EV chargers draw a minimal 2W on standby. They are also protected with multiple built-in safety features which mean it is safe to leave the EV charger unattended for prolonged use.

All Hydra EV chargers can charge a range of EVs from private cars to electric mopeds and commercial vans to HGV delivery trucks. Anything that takes a regular Type 2 charger can be connected. For commercial and public installations access to the charger can be activated by the use of a contactless RFID card thus preventing unauthorised use.

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