Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers

Installer Support

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Technical Support and other Commissioning Videos are available by contacting installs@hydraev.co.uk


Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Hydra EV chargers and EV charging in general.

Installation Manuals

We have created a library of downloadable PDF installation manuals here. These are frequently updated and republished as necessary.


We carry a range of spares and ancillary products for our installation partners. Please get in touch with your requirements.


Cubus Commissioning Guide

Click to access the full commissioning guide for the Hydra CUBUS. Contains details for connecting to wifi, configuring DLB and integrating with Solar PVs.

Call Out Terms & Conditions

Call Out Terms &

Click to access the full call out terms and conditions document.

H-Charger App and Hydra Nexus App user guide


Introduction to the Hydra Zodiac

Hydra Zodiac Tamper Boundary


Commissioning the Hydra Genesis

The same process can be used for the Hydra Echo and Hydra Apollo EV chargepoints

Technical Support and other Commissioning Videos are available by contacting installs@hydraev.co.uk