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Workplace Charging Scheme - wcs

The Workplace Charging Scheme has been developed by OZEV to increase deployment of charging infrastructure for employees to use while at work. This type of mass deployment is integral to the migration of EV’s, a high volume of charging can be completed whilst an EV driver is working if resources are available. The grant is capped to £350 per charger.

How do I claim the OZEV grant?

Thankfully our reactive team is on hand at any time to assist you through the whole process from choosing a charge point to fit your needs to.

Office for low emission vehicles
charging an electric car

Eligible products for the EVCS are the Zodiac 7kW Home charger, the Zodiac 22kW and the Genesis 22kW Commercial charger.

Eligibility for this scheme is broken down using a few factors, they are as follows:

  • The maximum number of chargers per company is set to 40.
  • All ChargePoint sockets must have a minimum of a 3kW supply and an accessible parking space for each socket
  • All addresses being used to apply for the grant must be a commercial address
  • You can not have previously claimed a grant at the address under EVHS
  • Installers must not charge customers for the grant in advance of payment being made by OZEV
  • Customers may purchase their own ChargePoints and claim for the installation, if the ChargePoint meets the minimum technical requirements