Hydra Electric Vehicle Chargers

The Electric Vehicle Home Scheme - EVHS

The Electric Vehicle Home Scheme grant has been developed by OZEV to incentivize car owners in the UK to switch over from their conventional vehicles to electric ones. This grant works by offering prospective buyers a £350 discount towards the cost of supply and install of an electric charger point at their home.

How do I claim the OZEV grant?

Thankfully our reactive team is on hand at any time to assist you through the whole process from choosing a charge point to fit your needs to.

Office for low emission vehicles
hydra zodiac charging a car

Eligible products for the EVCS are the Zodiac 7kW Home charger & the Zodiac 22kW.

Eligibility for this scheme is broken down using a few factors, they are as follows:

  • You must have purchased an eligible pure electric or plug-in hybrid
  • Your vehicle must be parked within a driveway or garage (off-street parking)
  • The charger must be OZEV approved and installed by an OZEV-approved charge point installer
  • You must provide ownership/ lease documentation of the vehicle, or proof of an eligible vehicle on order
  • The date of installation must not exceed 4 months in advance of the start date/delivery of the vehicle
  • All documents relating to the installation must be completed and submitted to OZEV within 6 weeks of a completed charge point installation