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EV Tariffs and off-peak charging times

Most energy suppliers now offer either specific EV tariffs or tariffs which charge less for electricity used at night. Octopus Energy, for instance offer an EV specific tariff which charges just 12p per kW for electricity used for charging an electric vehicle between the hours of 12:30am and 04:30am.

Although this is only a four-hour window it is less than one-third the cost of electricity on their standard rate tariff and well worth taking advantage of. Imagine being offered Petrol for 60p/litre instead of £1.80!

Obviously you don’t really want to get up at 2am just to plug the car in to charge so many EV chargers offer tariff-driven charging profiles which automatically delay charging until the cheap rate kicks in, allowing you to plug it in when you get home, comfortable in the knowledge that it won’t start charging until the cheap-rate hours.

The only downside is that this you might need to do a bit of mental arithmetic to work out if the four, or six hour cheap rate period will be sufficient to charge your EV fully to use the next day. It also means that you will need a charger linked with a smartphone app through which you can enter the charge times and other important data. Simple Plug’n’Play operation might look appealing but it could end up costing you slightly more in the long run.

NOTE: Other energy suppliers also offer EV specific tariffs which cost less for a set period of time each night. However, changing supplier at the moment is tricky because of the Energy Crisis so you might have to wait until things are more settled before switching.

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